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POLAND ARGENTINA   "I have passed my SAP Certification exam last month and have purchased BrainITworks for preparation purpose. His notes in grid format and color coding has really helped me in remembering the process groups, its input/output and the knowledge area linked with each process groups. I highly recommend you to buy his video, its good quality at reasonable price"


GREENE SHEQUANCE  "The colorful slides used in this course is really wonderful & helps a lot to easily identify various aspects of the processes. Furthermore, instead of having different slides in powerpoint, this course has a single slide containing all the processes of all process groups & knowledge areas, which is very helpful to easily have cross reference / ease of navigation, which increases the level of comfort in understanding by the student. This innovative approach of training has made a dry & abstract subject to understand with ease. While explaining the subject, the tutor provides additional information, which is not available in Materail, which helps us to correlate to the real world & hence speeding up the ease of understanding. The video also provides tips on what question could be asked in the exam, which helps us to think in that direction & become well prepared for the exam. The support provided by the tutor by e-mail is exemplary… Whenever I’ve sent mail with various queries, I’ve received a satisfactory response within an hour or two… irrespective of the time of the day / night. The language & approach used in replying mail is very courteous, practical & provide reasoning for the response (means, he explains why he has responded in such a manner)"


MCRAE WILLIAM  "I wanted to say that I was really impressed with your SAP presentation.  It is

informative, engaging and very visual.  I'll continue to refer to it as I prepare for my test later this year". 


HILL KRISTOPH  "I am very satisfied with the quality of preparation for SAP certification. I sincerely recommend; This is very serious and excellent quality and effective teaching" En français : Je suis très satisfait de la qualité des cours de préparation pour la certification SAP. Je recommande sincèrement. C'est très sérieux et une excellente et efficace qualité pédagogique.


LOPEZ GABRIEL "Hello BrainITworks, I am very much impressed on your SAP lessons. I reviewed many major vendors SAP training videos, and I would say yours is best.  Even you can beat Other audio presentations by giving real essence by taking out all un useful stories and narrations. Even I saw your (4 presentations), and they are very

good. I would say they are the best available in the market now. I strongly recommend these videos for the SAP certification aspirants without any second thought. I hope and wish that your SAP teaching efforts will go high within short time".


BEATON DAVID  "I just went through 1st Chapter of SAP and really enjoyed it. I appreciate your way of presenting the material which is simple, easy to understand and memorize. Relatively boring topics have become interesting and easy to digest. Thank you very much for sharing this pearl"


KELLEY ISABEL  "You did a marvelous job with videos and covering SAP. I have learned a lot from your talks and it has helped me with my class and homework in understanding SAP"


CARRENO JORGE E " Your SAP grid is Super Great! I watched the video where you explained it for over an hour and loved it. I have a difficult time studying the SAP flipping pages back/fourth...."


MERCADO EDWIN "Great stuff I am liking your SAP presentation style and clarity in speech"


HERNANDEZ SHEILA  "I love your SAP videos"


MIKELL JUNE  "You are gifted with the quality of a good teacher. I say that with great admiration and gratitude, because you are teaching us, and because I am learning. Thank you for you kindness in publishing these videos, I am benefiting immensely from them"


THOMAS ANSLEY D  "very good description, it makes me understand better!!!... thanks ."


SASSER THERESA  "YOU'RE SO COOL! all your tutorials are helpful and very starter friendly. I only need to play it once to understand every concept or fundamentals of SAP!"


GREENE SHEQUANCE  "Thanks for explaining very clearly and patiently for learners like me."


KALOGEROPOVLOS VASILIO S  "Your Videos are excellent, super organized, clear and straight forward.Thanks..."


ESTRADA RO BERT  "Thank you. Great tutorials"


MCRAE WILLIAM   "Keep DOING pls More Architectural Drawings Love how you show to to so all Steps in the house Plans great Work !! more more more.........."


PHELPS TYETT "Thanks so much for your very nice presentation on SAP. I hope to receive more nice videos like that"